We are a collective of hobbyists focused on delivering inventive and engaging work that will make you happy.


Hobbyists are adventurers: They are knowledge seekers, unafraid of the unknown. We strive to embody this swashbuckling spirit as we discover new ideas and create bold and daring work.

Hobbyists are spirited: We are motivated to create joyful work that excites us and enriches our lives.

Hobbyists are persistent: Our minds are constantly moving, relentlessly and restlessly pursuing the best creative solutions.

Hobbyists are insightful: Their willingness to dive deeply and embody their passions fosters a unique perspective. We believe our distinct intuition is our greatest secret weapon.

Most importantly, hobbyists do: They are makers, craftsmen, hackers, inventors, engineers, artists, and tinkerers. We have no time to be inhibited, hesitant, or timid when there is work to be done.

Let's make something together!